Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner... well, more like Chili Dinner...

Last night was the Annual Chili Cook-off & Dessert Contest at Christ Church.  I entered my chili recipe, doctored up with some new things, and added moose meat as well as beef hamburger meat to it.

My Dad always was one of the winners, and he always used moose meat in his chili... guess it really works!

I won 1st place, in Dad's memory!!  Thanks Dad!

Other winners are shown here too... 1st Place Chili - me, 1st Place Desserts - Susanne, 2nd Place Chili - Ann, and 2nd Place Desserts - Pat.

The guests who came were the judges for the event, and each taste-tested the different chili and desserts.

Thanks to all who entered the contests; Roberta, Susanne, Pat, Ron, Ed, Carol, Ann, Jean, Pat and Bobbie.

And thanks to all who came to eat and judge too!  Fun Night!

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