Friday, August 21, 2009

Art as Prayer - Workshop, Interactive Prayer Stations set up

Today I set up for tomorrow's workshop ... I'm happy with the space I've been blessed to's the chapel at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Watertown, and it's lovely! What a nice setting for my assemblages! It certainly makes them look good in this holy space! And Fr. Mark let me move the pews around and use some of the priest and deacon chairs, kneelers, etc... so that makes it pretty awesome too!

Here are some of the set ups, it will be cool when the lights are out and candles are lit, with music playing (Songs from Taize - I LOVE this music!). I hope people won't just LOOK at it, I hope they'll EXPERIENCE it.

So, off to bed so I can head out early tomorrow...


UPDATE:  Here's another post regarding "Art as Prayer" Workshops in August of 2011.  Contact me about the possibility of holding an "Art as Prayer" event.


MORE UPDATES:  Even youth can create an Art as Prayer Show or Event.  Check out the Christ Episcopal Church Sunday School's Art as Prayer Event here


Lynn Penney said...

Hi Roberta,

Your assemblages are wonderful! Where is Watertown? Are they still up? For me, making art has become a primary place of prayer .... and over the years, I have developed workshops that I do with groups so people can experience that expansive, loving, creative place in God. Here is my first and brand new website to tell you more ...

Let me know your thoughts --


Roberta said...

Hi Lynn... thanks for your comments. Watertown is in Wisconsin, between Milwaukee and Madison. The prayer stations were just set up for a Diocesan Day of various workshops and discussions. It was a quiet prayer room to go into and reflect on the assemblages and a scriptural reference and/or comment that was with each one. Some of them had an interactive part to it, (re: writing down prayer requests, going thru the notebook of prayers to pray for others; writing down some past transgression and then shredding it, listening to some music while meditating etc.). I've taken the prayer station/workshop to other events, and have handouts that help in getting something similar started at their own church with the art from youth or adults, etc.

I like the idea of your workshops, and your website, very nice, good ideas!! Thanks for sharing it!

May God continue to bless you and the ministry you do!