Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The End Is Near .... or so they tell me...

The Church we are members of, and where I work, has been in a temporary downtown storefront site for 11 months. This last weekend and all this week (and next few weeks!) we have been and will be moving back to our newly renovated building... a daunting task!

The Church Building is not all the way finished, but we are moving into parts of it... slowly. Here are updated photos of some of the work....

My office area... at least the desk is functional, but the opposite side of the room is a mess! And there are many MORE boxes to unload and move in there yet too.

Just ONE of the Sunday School rooms to unpack ... and Deb's office area - we have a combined office area now ...the parish secretary is on one side, there are storage cabinets and a copier room in the center, and my office on the other side.

What was once an office, will now be the library ... but for now, it's a room to hold the boxes and stuff we need to unpack and put in the correct spaces, and find room for too!

Various other areas around the building.... new handicap bathroom, the new elevator, installing beautiful light fixtures in the Christ the King room.

The new side narthex entryway doors....The Columbarium received a new wood floor and paint... the new kitchenette area in the Christ the King room.

The new sacristy and the labyrinth on the floor in the Chapel.

Tomorrow night we'll have a Taize service in our newly renovated Chapel, though things still have a long way to being organized, we will be having our first Sunday service here this coming Sunday too ... LOTS to do before then!

More photos to come....

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