Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sunday Celebration & Thanksgiving!

What an awesome worship time in our newly renovated Church building today! After being in a small storefront temp site for over 11 months, we were ALL thrilled to be back!

We had a guest speaker, author of the book "A Wretched Man, A Novel of Paul the Apostle", R. W. "Obie" Holmen. The Book Club had spent 9 weeks reading and discussing his book, and invited him to come and meet with us. On Saturday night the Book Club had an informal dinner and discussion time with Obie, and on Sunday he was the guest speaker during the sermon time at both services.

Some of the music ministry shown here (Tanya and Ron), were in a new part of the Church now too, and still getting organized. Our pipe organ won't be back and installed for another week or two yet, and they are still working out arrangements for the piano, keyboard, guitar stands, sound system placement and more.
But the accoustics were SOOOO WONDERFUL!! The music sounded great and it seemed like we had a heavenly chorus singing along with us!
"Surely, the presence of the Lord was in this place!" PTL!

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