Sunday, November 4, 2012

Attempting a Gingerbread Creche/Manger for a Youth Event in December...

Cardboard template, with possible
cookie cutters to use.
Here is the continuing saga of my attempt to design and make a gingerbread creche/manger to be used for a Kid's Event on December 15th... a free parents time out to do their Christmas shopping, or they can also stay and help their child make this pretty cool gingerbread creche.

I have been waking up at night because of this, and not having a template or idea on how to make 30+ of these for this event.  When I looked online, there were none I found to send off for... and a couple I did find were over $10 each, plus shipping and handling for over 30 would have cost us over $120+!!

So, I found a great site online for gingerbread, and tried it out with a template I made from cardboard pieces.

Gingerbread Manger made from the cardboard prototypes.

Check out the photos... I am excited to get on with these... and will be asking other women in the church to help in baking and assembling them before the big event!

Found some gingerbread people PEEPS
that will be much easier to use, and
the kids will like to eat them too!

I will be getting Fruit by the Foot, to make a head covering/scarf for the Mary Peep, and to swaddle the baby Jesus Peep in (horrors! I had to cut off the Peeps arms and legs to use for the baby Jesus...*lol*   I also made the "crib" (feeding trough) for baby Jesus from graham crackers and pretzels put together with the icing that was used in putting together the manger/creche... it worked!  

Photos... more to come... with more fun ideas .........  can't wait for the kids to decorate this with frosting, candies, pretzels and more!


UPDATED PHOTO ... Still not finished, but added some things to Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus ... swaddled baby Jesus with fruit by the foot, and Mary's scarf over her head is also fruit by the foot ...

More to come later....

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