Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Indiana wants me, Lord I CAN go back there..."

Our annual mother / daughter road trip couldn't be set this year due to conflicting schedules, but we DID make a fast overnight roadtrip to Indianapolis together yesterday and today ... and to where else but... GOODWILL!    I had bid on several items from shopgoodwill.com at the Indianapolis store, unfortunately I won the bid on only one of the items, but it was a good excuse for the roadtrip..*lol*

The office where I went to pick up my
treasured items...
My "one" item actually consisted of many items, as you can see....

Fortunately for me, I found out I had a taillight out on my van BEFORE I picked up my body parts, we went to the Auto Zone store to get a new bulb, and if they had opened the back of the van and seen the body parts, I'm sure they would have been thinking we were some kind of freaks... hahaa!!

After a few fast trips to a few of the many Goodwill stores in Indy, and a couple of other stores to get a few early Christmas gifts, we had to head back home ...  it was a fun, and way too short roadtrip!

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