Saturday, March 2, 2013

Annual Family 99 Game & Surprise Retirement Party for Dad

Dad and Matt.

Harriett had some great poems
and scripture passages she read.

Usually we have a New Year's Day get together and play this card game with many of my side of the family who gets together, but this year, Mom was still recovering from her cancer surgery, and just coming home from a couple of months at the nursing home, so we delayed the annual get together until today.  Sister Harriett and BIL Mark hosted us all, and we surprised Dad with some gifts in honor of his retirement from Gifford Tree Service after 50+ years or so.   And to think he is almost 82 years old!
Opening Gifts, Dad and John.
Josh and Dad with a puzzle for him to
try out in his leisurely life now.

After we all ate, it was time for the 99 Game!  We had 3 large tables going, then as people got knocked out of the game, we combined the remaining people into 2 and then 1 table.

Part of the dining room table players.
One of the living room tables.
Mom and Aunt Shirley deciding on
their play.
Mom was having a good day too, and it was good to see her out and enjoying the time with the family!

Josh was trying hard to get everyone out!
The big winners were Mark and Alyssa, father and daughter, who shared the pot rather than play it out to only one.

A fun day, thanks Mark and Harriett!!  I LOVE MY FAMILY!!
Me and Mom (taken by Kasey)

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