Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Membership Privileges (wine cork assemblage)

This is a fun one.... I found some wine corks that were in a frame, some were missing from it... I had found a small sculpture of the Last Supper a year or more ago, and had been collecting some items that would go with it, so when this frame fit the sculpture I knew it HAD to be done... *L*

Membership Privileges is a light-hearted look at the sacrament of Holy Communion, aka Holy Eucharist (Eucharist meaning thanksgiving) and being a part of the Body of Christ - the Church. Of course there is much more to being a Christian, and God's blessings are way too many to try to expound on.

The letters are a bit hard to read because of the glare, they say, "Wine Tasting" on the top, and "All Welcome" on the bottom. At the top is a corkscrew, along side miniature bottles of wine with glass grapes attached.


kaseyk said...

it's sweet like strawberry wine on a sunday in the fields of strawberry fields..foreva.YAY. haha. i like it. and i want to drink wine now. thanks. :)

inventivesoul said...

Hi Roberta!
You sure have a great blog!
VERY entertaining, fun and certainly EDUCATIONAL!
I just learned how to make a faux birthday cake, and enjoyed reading about your roadtrips, and SO MUCH MORE!
WOW you have a lot to share and I think it is all great fun!
Your art work is pretty great too!!!

Amber Dawn

Roberta said...

Thanks Kasey and Amber Dawn!!