Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kaine & Jorden Visited This Weekend!

It was a fun weekend, with Kaine and Jorden down for a couple of days, and Kaine's girlfriend, Lauren coming over too. Airplane rides and wagon rides were a big hit with Jorden!

Jorden had a bit of a cold, so she and Kaine stayed home while John, Kasey, Lauren and I also went to the Thai One On dinner and slideshow at Church on Saturday night. The Nelson's had a great presentation on their 8 week trip in Thailand last year. We had some Thai dishes as well.. it was a pot-luck dinner so I brought some fruit ka-bobs. I guess you could call them a fruit assemblage..*L*

This and graphic kind of art stuff for work is as close as I am coming to be able to do anything artistic lately..sure miss it!

Thank you to Lauren too for helping with the craft table at the presentation... sorry there weren't more kids for you to have there, but I appreciate you doing it!

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