Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waaaaaay to busy ....

We are moving... my Church family that is. The Church is going to be doing some MAJOR renovations and remodeling, a new driveway, parking lot and entrance too, as well as handicap assessable things throughout the building (elevator, removing steps in the church, bathrooms, etc.) SO, it's been a hectic few months here and will be for the next month or two as well. We are going into a downtown store front location, MUCH smaller, for about 8 months.

I've been making some announcements and making clip art for it as well as editing thousands of photos for a video for the upcoming fund raiser kickoff too. That, and packing up 160+ years of "stuff"... it's NOT exactly fun, fun, fun.

I already showed this one earlier, but the other one is our new temporary site (I made it for some stationary that Fr. Bill wanted for the new location) -

I'm thankful for photoshop elements!

And this is part of the mess of things that has kept me busy too. Some of the men from the Shelter helped carry up 25 years worth of financial records from the undercroft where I stored them. I went thru them, with the help of a friend from Church, Linda, who helped too (thanks so much Linda!!). Some boxes had to be kept fully for 7 years, so we still have quite a few boxes to re-store, but a lot more could be tossed and a few things from each year saved permanently.

So, when the shredder machine comes to a local bank in another month, we'll have a van load of old records to be put thru it. These photos are in black and white because I used them for the Church newsletter too, and I'm too lazy to get the colored copies off my work computer..*L*

Sooo, that's what's been keeping me away from art and too busy to hardly blog even...

This weekend I am looking forward to a break... Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday.. ohhh yeahhh!! *S*

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