Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11 Installation Tribute

Christ Church is still going through some renovations. More lighting is going to be installed in one room, and so the electricians set up some scaffolding a week ago to complete that work (since the ceilings are so high), but, the light fixtures were delayed, and so the scaffolding sits in the room that leads to our Chapel where our Labyrinth Peace Walk in remembering the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 will be happening on Sunday.

Rather than just have some ugly scaffolding there, Fr. Bill gave me the go ahead to make an installation of sorts, a Memorial to 9/11 ... he suggested we use the old cross that had been on the roof of the church as one focal point, and then I added twisted metal siding, old bent screens, papers, wood, material, old chairs, and other assorted junk...

Also added a TV screen with a video slideshow of photos from the tragic events of 9/11/2001, as well as some of the rebuilding and memorial efforts.

I found pictures of art that children had drawn following 9/11 and added some flags, and prayer cards. More pictures from our Sunday School class will be added on Sunday, along with more written prayer cards from parishioners and those who stop by for the Peace Walk on our Labyrinth.

I was also thinking of asking our local fire chief if I could borrow some old firemen boots and helmut...but, since I also have to clean up all this stuff after the Peace Walk on Sunday (so the electricians can actually use their scaffolding on Monday morning), I may pass on that idea.

Here's a short video of the installation ... (click off my playlist song on the right before starting the video.)

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