Saturday, September 24, 2011

Congrats to Son, John!!

About a month ago, I posted a photo of one of my son's giant pumpkins, one that was 700 pounds! He had to pick it early because it had split from growing too fast. Click on the link to see that pumpkin.

But he did have another super giant one that kept growing, and yesterday he picked it to take to a pumpkin competition in Milwaukee today. It took many of his friends to gently roll it onto a pumpkin blanket with handles and then lift it to a skidster to be loaded onto the trailer that would take his and a friend's to the competition.

John estimated his pumpkin to be over 850 pounds, and sure enough it WAS! It weighed in at 876.5 pounds... big enough to win 4th Place and a $300 prize!! CONGRATULATIONS JOHN-JOHN!!

The winning pumpkin at this particular competition was 1,258.5 pounds, and 2nd & 3rd place pumpkins were over 1,000 pounds John has a few more pounds to try to get up to next year!

Compared to his last year's pumpkin, which we thought was huge then (weighed almost 300 pounds), this year's was almost triple the weight at 876.5 pounds! Look out next year.. John will hopefully be a contender with one over 1,000 pounds too we hope!

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