Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celebrating Brad - A Tribute to Art in Flux!

I am honored and most happy to be a part of this worthy cause and tribute to my daughter, Kasey's dear friend, Brad Germata.

Celebrating Brad - A Tribute to Art in Flux (click on the link to their website here for more info)

Saturday, October 15, from 5 p.m. - 11 p.m., held at Flux Design, 811 East Vienna-Milwaukee.

The Celebrating Brad Foundation will be hosting a variation of the original ‘Art in Flux’ – join us while guest artists/designers create their pieces…Bid on the art as it evolves! We’ll have steamroller printing again, plus awesome food from our ‘foodie’ friends and a special brew thanks to Brenner Brewing. There’ll be live music throughout the evening and our Goods & Services auction will feature dining, drinking, and entertainment packages.

Jesse Meyer, Dave Hinterberg, Phil Belair, Roberta Kartstetter, and John Kowalczyk are confirmed ‘live’ artists. Jeremy Shamrowicz, Heather Eiden, Jenie Gao, and MIAD printmaking students Janson Rapisarda and Lucas Ruminsk are confirmed steamroller printers…Check back at the link above to see the updated list of artists, designers, steamroller printers, and sponsors!

All proceeds benefit the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center and fund the 2011 Bradley Germata Scholarship (supports a communication design student at MIAD).

Tickets are: advance $15 / at-the-door: $20 / with current student ID: $15

Hope you can come to this event.... a great evening of art, fun, and tribute to Brad, as well as a great benefit for worthy causes!

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