Friday, January 25, 2013

Art Milwaukee * Art Jamboree Night

John and I, and friends Sue and Randy, attended this event tonight at the historic Loyalty Building, Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Milwaukee. 

Our daughter Kasey (Kasey K Photo) had won an online Art Milwaukee contest and one of the prizes was being able to display the winning entry and have a display at this event.  The photo she displayed, along with the creative effort that went into it, in collaboration with her artist friend, John Kowalczyk, included a video slide show, and business cards and flyers.
Kasey's display table

It was an interesting show!  Art Milwaukee estimated over 1500 people came to the event over the course of the evening.

performance art drama group
There was art of ALL kinds featured, here are some of the photos from it.

Art installation

Loren and Kasey

Some of the art we couldn't get close enough to see, to get an idea what it was all about, but it was interesting to see the varieties of ideas and creativities.

With live painting, drama, music, photography, installations, sculptures and more.

a ballet dance performance,
looking down from the stairs to the
level below.

Some kind of musical apples
installation?  I think?

Kasey answering comments
and questions.
proud parents with Kasey.
Great job Kasey!!
A cool staircase thingy...

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