Friday, January 18, 2013

Turkey in Rearview Mirror Closer Than Appears...

So, our friendly neighborhood rogue turkey is out and about again.  I hadn't seen him for about 10 days and was worried someone had "done him in"! *lol*  He's getting bigger and fatter everytime I see him, so someone may well want to make him their dinner one day!  This turkey is one of about 5-6 that used to be around the last 2+ years, but I think he is the lone survivor.  He must be getting fed by neighbors, and he seems to like to be friendly with black vehicles.  He often chases John's black truck down the road.  Today when I saw him in the street I tried to lure him up to my front window, but he didn't want anything of that, but was content to chase me, walk beside me and gobble ... I think he admires his reflection in the side of the car however.... maybe he thinks I am his mother even!!  ... Anyway, watch the video... reminds me a bit of Jurasic Park... in the rearview mirror and all... haha!

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