Friday, January 25, 2013

My 2012 Year Condensed to a Table of Papers and Packets...

Been spending all month getting ready for the upcoming Annual Parish Meeting, this Sunday at Church.

Ready to collate & put into
Lots of reports of ministries, treasurer reports of all kinds, thanksgivings for 2012, elections for the new year and looking forward to where God is taking us with the search for a new rector in 2013 too.

Sooo... here, on one table, is most of what I did last year..*L* .. kind of like a Thanksgiving Dinner ... takes a long time to prepare and serve up, and then the participants "gobble" it up in about an hour or so. *L*

Condensed into packets for easy

Anyway, I am soooo glad the report packets are done! 

Now to enjoy the weekend, and get past the Annual Meeting!

But first an Art Show & dinner with friends, Bowling and Striking out Homelessness Fund Raiser and enjoying some down time!

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