Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday Party For John with the family....

The kids (except Kaine who had to work), and the grandkids were here tonight for a birthday celebration for John.  I made a new thing I found on Pinterest as part of our before dinner "appetizers".

Janel took this photo of one.
Jeff hoarding his!
A bacon bowl salad...  it didn't quite turn out as good as the Pinterest photo, but they were pretty yummy!

I also made crab claws, enough for us to have 3 - 4 each... and created a monster! *lol*  The grandsons LOVED them too, so now they'll think they can have them at Gramma and Gramps house a lot! NOT!

And then, since it is Friday Fish Fry Night, John requested that for his dinner, from a local place.. so I ordered broiled and fried fish, potato pancakes, fries and applesauce and coleslaw from The Village Supper Club... that made dinner easy for me at least!!  And it was delicious too!

Kasey made her Dad a "birthday cake" out of beverages and snacks which was a big hit with John.

And Janel made a huge container of chocolate chip cookies for his "birthday cake", that we served with ice cream.

Janel also made some yummy heart shaped sugar cookies that were a hit too!   John-John sneaks a bite of Jorden's cookie.

It was a good night with everyone!!  Happy Birthday John!! xoxox

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