Saturday, February 9, 2013

Visiting Nana and Papa's ....

My Mom has been undergoing chemo treatments the past couple of months, she is doing well, but her immune system is down, so she doesn't get out to places where there might be people who are sick and it would cause her to get sick too... so she's homebound a lot.

Jorden and I went out to visit this morning and Mom let her go up to the "Doll Room"!  Always a treat for a little girl who LOVES dolls of every kind!  And my Mom has ALL kinds of dolls and fun things to play with there.... Jorden LOVED it!

And Mom LOVED seeing her enjoy it so much too!

Nana and Jorden

Lady needed attention too!

And of course Jorden had to try out Papa's Indian drum!

A nice visit for us all!

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