Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grandson Jake's Hockey Game and the Rink Rats.

It's been a helluva busy week here... but thankfully I have gotten a lot accomplished for the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, and all the bookkeeping for both businesses that needs to be finished before the end of January...ALMOST finished with it all! YaY!!

This morning I took a break from it all, and we headed to our oldest grandson, Jake's, hockey game. The Beloit Blades did GREAT! They won their game 6 - 1!!
Jake (8 yrs. old) is one of the younger players, and smaller ones... he was up against some kids on the other team who looked like they were 8th graders! *L* But he did great, hustled a lot and played good!

But, sometimes that hustle gets you in the penalty box. Jake's mom, Janel, took this photo ... she said, "A minute and 30 seconds seems like an eternity when you're sitting in a penalty box!! You should've seen these mammoth size players on ther Madison Patriots! We still beat em 6 to 1. Those big guys must tire out quicker than us little guys!"

I was video taping parts of the game with my camera video ... here's Jake hustling, when he got the penalty.

Janel said that they affectionately call the younger boys (grandsons Jeff and Josh), "Rink Rats", as they scurry around playing with other kids at the rink while their brother plays his game..*L* Here's Jeff the "rink rat" and more of Jake as he hustles... GREAT GAME BLADES!! - and JAKE!! xoxoxx It was fun watching you play!

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