Friday, January 15, 2010

January, UGH!! - flurries abound... not necessarily snow flurries...

Over on Facebook, there is a feature where you can put down "what's on my mind". Some people update that hourly it seems...*L* I have sometimes updated a few times per day, and could surely do that a LOT this month. January's have been, for me, a flurry of activity ...mostly work activity...mostly the previous year's finish up stuff.

I have a flurry of things that, if I let them, would surely bury me deep into a snow drift. Ever read that short story, "Silent Snow, Secret Snow"? I could SOOO get into letting myself fall into that peaceful, quiet, snow, especially in January... letting it cover me, forgetting about all the outside world, muffling it all out.

There are w-2's, w-3's, 1099's, 1096's, 940's, 941's, treasurer's reports, annual meeting reports, youth ministry reports, sunday school lessons, visiting an aunt upnorth recovering from back surgery, making stuffed mushrooms for a friend's gathering on Sunday after church, worrying about medical bills that seem to be piling up, calling insurance company reps about not covering those bills, not to mention the work crew for hubby's business is laid off this week - and probably next week too, John's appointment for his 6 week checkup at the surgeon next week, and art ideas, and more! ... just a few things on my mind here...

But, I have a snow shovel, of sorts, which I cling to, that helps me out of those flurries that can turn into overwhelming drifts, that helps me keep rolling along.

I thank GOD for God, ...for being with me, for helping me shovel out from under these flurries, and listening to my rants as I do so. *L*

Okay ... my rant is done, my path is clearing up, and work is actually getting done, off to finish more... Thank you Lord!!

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