Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

Here is the final assemblage for the 12 Days of Christmas series. It's been a challenge doing them, while working and tending to everyday things,... but it's been fun too!

So, for your viewing pleasure... I present the 12th of 12 Assemblages on the 12 Days of Christmas song... Please DO scroll back and see them all! I have taken some liberties with the lyrics... as you will see.


TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING ... (and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on...)

Eleven Pipers Piping.... (see previous photo)

Ten Lords a Leaping... (see previous photo)

Nine Ladies Dancing ... (check out the short video at my blog as well to see the ladies dance - some "shake it" more than others do..*L*)

Eight Maids a Milking .... (I think these maids were found at the same place those French Hens were found! *L*)(check out the previous photo for this one.)

Seven Pawns a Swimming .... (in a pool of chessboards...and at least it's only ONE letter off from the word S-W-A-N-S... *lol*) (see photo on previous day)

Six He's a Laying ..... (get it?? - I'm gonna hate this if I have to explain it.. it helps if you pronounce HE'S like geese *lol*) (see prior photo)

Five Gold Rings ... (and assorted baubles)..(see prior photo)

Four Calling Birds... (see previous photo) (Hello, can you hear me now?) *G*

Three French Hens.... (see previous photo)

Two Turtles 'n Doves .... (see previous photo) ...

and a Partridge with Pears and a Tree.. (see previous photo).


Maureen said...

This one is great, too, Roberta. A real standout.

Maureen said...

Roberta, I just came across this and thought of you, because of your assemblages.

Roberta said...

Thanks again Maureen!! ... and for the link to that call for art..wish I lived closer to NY!!