Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gardening & Grilling Weekend

It was a busy weekend ... Saturday I FINALLY went out and did some much needed weeding and gardening (started at 7 a.m. to try to avoid the heat), I also planted a few planters and bought some hanging baskets and more plants to fill in where some of my perenials were killed off over the winter.

There is still a lot to do, but on Sunday, after church, and staying to work there about 3 hrs, it was too hot when I got home to continue the gardening (92 degrees!!). I decided it was a stay inside day, watching movies with John, and later a fast trip to the grocery store to get things that John grilled along with some delicious chicken I had marinated. John made some yummy taters, califlower and broccoli with onions on the grill too... yummmmm!!

It was a nice weekend, I was happy to get some work done around home for a change, and enjoy time with the family too!

I could get used to John cooking dinner more often as well!! *G*

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