Saturday, June 18, 2011

God in the Garden

This morning our Church sponsored a morning workshop and lunch, there were 22 women who participated. A beautiful morning held at Pat Leverick's home, who is a member of our Church and has lovely gardens. My Mom is pictured here with Pat, helping with registration.

Pat did a wonderful teaching and sharing on "God in the Garden". She shared some of her gardening experience and helpful tips, gave a tour of her garden areas, and we even were able to take home some plants from her garden if we wanted to.

She also shared about plants mentioned in the bible, and their uses today.

And as part of the presentation, we shared about a few gardens mentioned in scripture too... Garden of Gethsemane, and I shared one of my assemblage pieces (Lapsarian - The Fall), and about the Garden of Eden.

We all joined in singing the old hymn, "I Come To The Garden Alone...", accompanied by some beautiful birds singing along with us too! *lol*

Great morning, fun time, interesting garden tips, and sharing, followed by a delicious lunch in the garden!

A special thanks to Pat who opened her home to us all, and thank you Lord for the BEAUTIFUL weather too!... and to all who helped with food (thank you Susanne & Carol who headed up the breakfast and luncheon!), to those who helped with supplies, setup, and more!

It was a nice morning to relax and enjoy God's creations in the garden.

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