Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandson Josh!!

Josh is SEVEN already!! Can't believe how fast the grandsons all grow up. We were invited over to John and Janel's for dinner, to celebrate Josh's birthday which is tomorrow, but also celebrate Jake and Jeff's birthdays which were in the last few weeks too! John fixed DEEEEELICIOUS pork steaks on the grill, with potatoes and onions. We brought an icecream birthday cake from Dairy Queen, and a nice dinner birthday party was had by all. Josh is interestest in art, and so, I found some cool art supplies and things for him to continue to make great art...something we both like and share.

We sang happy birthday to all three boys, but forgot the candles for the cake... ahhh well, it still tasted just as good!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Josh!!! And happy birthday to all three grandsons (((Jake, Josh & Jeff))) We love you!! xoxoxo. Thanks John and Janel for the fun dinner too!

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