Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandson Friday!!!

The grandsons are done with school, so today all three of them came to our house. After eggs and toast, and candy for breakfast, and making orange juice & diet coke ice cubes for later, we headed out to work, to do errands, find flowers and have fun!

The boys were a big help! They came to work (Church) with me for a couple of hours, we sorted through balloons ...getting ready for the Pentecost celebration, and making sure we had enough red, yellow and orange balloons. We also went to a greenhouse and picked out flowers for the altar that I had volunteered for this coming Sunday...the boys were a big help in that too!

Then we decided, since it was kind of a rainy day, to see what movies were playing at the Showboat in Lake Geneva. Kung Fu Panda II was the choice... a fun, 3-D movie, and what great 3-D effects they were!! I really enjoyed it along with the boys! We had popcorn, candy and pop for lunch... sooo nutritious! *lol*

On the way home, after a stop at the Dollar Store, the boys seranaded me with their songs .... a sweet sound, and great harmonizing!

It was a fun day, good time, and loved having the grandsons here!! xoxoxx

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