Sunday, January 1, 2012

Annual 99 Game - Happy New Year!

My side of the family gets together every New Year's Day for food, fun, football AND our traditional "99 Card Game"! It used to be that we would all crowd around one huge table, kids sitting on the laps of the adults... but when the family grew to over 40 or so, we started adding more tables.... not everyone can come on New Year's Day, but we have had, at times, 3 - 4 tables going for the 60 or more of us that can attend.

Harriett and Mark have hosted the New Years Day gathering the last few years (THANKS MARK AND HARRIETT!!), and this year was a fun time too! Lots of delicious pot-luck food, great PACKER game and win over the Lions!! (GO PACK GO!), and then 99!!

Our numbers were lower this year ... lots were either out of town on vacation, at the Packer game, not feeling well, or staying home (maybe recovering from last night's celebrations? - ha!)... but there were still well over 30 of us who were there to have fun!

The last three players, after about 4 hours or so, decided to split the $65 pot, and went home happy! Congrats to Josh, Conner and Chellie!!

Thank you Lord, for family, and this new year!!

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