Thursday, January 26, 2012

An "Assemblage" of the Year 2011 - in Paper!

So, this is what has kept me unbelieveably busy the last couple of weeks... or actually, guess I should say this is what I did all last year! *L*

My "assemblage" of the Year 2011, condensed on a table, waiting to put into packets for the Annual Parish Meeting (one report yet to finish). Now how does one whole year fit onto one small table like that?? *L*

To think, this was a year in the making.... All this is like a Thanksgiving dinner of sorts...all the preparation - days, weeks, and endless work that goes into all the different "dishes", and then people come for the "feast" and digest it all in a mere hour or so!! *lol*

And this is the mess yet to deal with ... arrgghh... a job that never ends!

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