Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Celebrations

This morning we celebrated Christmas with our kids and grandkids. We had fun opening gifts, playing with them all, having brunch - thanks Janel for the delicious hashbrown casserole and to Lauren for the yummy coffee cake too! And thanks to friends Ron and Susanne who sent us a HUGE delicious homemade Christmas bread! I made stuffed mushrooms too - yum!
It was a really fun and wonderful time with all of us together!!

Here are some photos of the morning celebration....

Kaine bought all the kids punching bags, they had fun with them for about an hour or so, but the base of them, filled with water, didn't last long with the jumping on them and punching our grandkids did! 3 of the 4 burst - good thing it was only water on the carpet! But they were fun while they lasted..*L*

Kaine bought Jorden a bag of soft plastic balls, Jorden LOVED them as John-John dumped them on her. And we all had fun with them playing a game the kids discovered last year. If you throw soft things at the ceiling fan, while it's on high speed, the blades when they hit the object, send it flying all over the place..*L*

Here's what the living room looked like after the gifts were opened - trying to figure out how to do the duck hunting toys, and playing with others too.

The grandsons all wanted "Snuggies", so we got them all one, here they are at home after our celebration, snuggled up in theirs.

It was a wonderful morning. Kaine and Lauren left to take Jorden back to her mom, John, Janel and the boys stayed for another couple of hours more.

Then it was on to fixing a snowball salad for tomorrow, some chicken wings for later at the Karstetter celebration, and a little napping before we headed out later that afternoon for the Iverson's.

Thank you Lord for our family!!!

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