Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pre-Op and Post-Op

John had surgery today. We left very early this morning, at 4 a.m. to head to Milwaukee. John had to be at the hospital by 5:30 a.m., surgery scheduled for 7:30 a.m. The roads were pretty good, considering all the snow and ice we had. One lane was good most of the way and we made it in plenty of time. It was very cold however... minus - 1 (F) when we left Delavan...brrrrrrrr (windchills of minus -25 (F)).

Yesterday John was doing some "pre-op" stuff, bobcat lessons to Kasey so she could plow, if needed, while he is laid up for a couple of weeks. She did very good actually, she just needs a little practice, hopefully though she won't need to use the newly acquired skills very soon.

Then today John had a few more pre-op things before the actual surgery. They have these new kind of gowns now for patients, they are paper-like, and have a place to attach a hose, where warm air (or cold air if preferred) is pumped into the gown keeping the patient toast warm, or pleasantly cooled. *L* This is John with the gown on waiting on the aides to come to wheel him into surgery. He was like the stay-puff marshmellow man, all puffed up..*L*

During surgery Kasey and I went to the Family Center, where there was internet access (we both brought our laptops to work on to pass the time). The surgery went very well!! Dr. Kurpod said he removed 3 disk fragments that were pushing on the nerve that was affecting John's leg, and that John had an abnormally placed nerve as well which maybe was part of his problem? Not sure how it came to be abnormally placed?...something to ask the surgeon when we see him again.

John was out of recovery and back to his room by 11:35, we came to his room, stayed for about 30 minutes, then went down the hall to the family multi purpose room to do some work. John has been sleeping, snoring away soundly, for the last couple of hours. The nurses have said he'll be getting up sometime soon to walk, and then he has other things he must be able to do before they decide later today or tonite on whether he'll come home, or stay over for a night.

We are thankful for all the prayers and well-wishes from family and friends, please keep praying!! John has said his leg already feels better, his back is a bit sore from the surgery, but it's not real bad. Thank you Lord!!

Thank you everyone... *heading back to check on the patient again*
With love,
Roberta and family


**** UPDATE ****

About 4 p.m. they told John he was going to go for a short walk... they told him just to the nurses station about 8 rooms down the hall and back... but Kasey and I waited, and waited, and waited... and lo and behold, John and the nurse on duty came around from the OTHER side... they had gone the whole "block" around the floor in record time! John was and is doing great! No pain in his leg or backside, just some in his back where the surgery was, which is to be expected. Kasey said it's a "Christmas miracle", and to me, IT SURELY IS!! I'm so thankful for the great results so far for John.

The nurses told us that there were several things that had to happen in order for John to come home today. His walk was one of them, he passed with flying colors.

He had to eat regular food with no problems.. and he ordered a nice dinner, which he devoured... Kasey and I went to the Dining Room and brought a dinner-to-go back with us, to eat with John in his room... we bought him a giant chocolate chip cookie, which he ate along with his meal, so he passed that test as well.

He had a bladder scan, and although he did go to the bathroom, evidently it wasn't enough... and they are afraid of an infection if he doesn't empty his bladder.

Dr. Kurpad came in around 7 p.m. (he'd had a long day of surgeries!) .. he told John that the abnormal nerve placement he had was probably something he was born with ... and that the herniated disk was broken into many pieces around the nerve that was suppose to be on one side or the other of where it was, but it was instead, in the middle of the broken disk, causing the problems. So, now it's been corrected and we are so happy!! And thankful for Dr. Kurpad and the nurses and others caring for John.

But, he wasn't able (as we had hoped) to come home tonite... Kasey and I got home around 8:30 p.m. ... and tomorrow I'll call John to find out when I can come and get him... but we are so thankful and appreciate SOOOO much the prayers of many friends and family. Thank you for all the special messages on Facebook as well, I plan on reading them ALL to John tomorrow when he comes home, he will also, undoubtably, be thankful for you all!!

With much love and thanking God for the blessings and healings for John!
Roberta and family


Maureen said...

So glad to read things went well.

Prayers and blessings.

Roberta said...

Thank you Maureen!! I appreciate your prayers and comment!! I updated the blog post, John should come home tomorrow...we are thankful for so much!! PTL!

FauxPas said...

I was so happy to read of the success of the surgery! What a blessing it is when all goes well and complications are minimal.
I can hear (read) the relief in your post.I hope you're all home together by tomorrow night and sipping some nice hot chocolate :)

Sue said...

John, Roberta and family,

It really will be a wonderful Christmas season for you and your family now that you dont have to worry about this surgery and Johns back problems. FauxPas is right in saying.."you can hear the relief in what you wrote." Glad it is behind you now. Just make sure he doesnt over do..Hugs..Sue