Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre-School Christmas Program - somebody was added to Santa's naughty list...

Our youngest Grandson, Jeff had his 3 yr. old preschool Christmas sing this morning. Here he is when he first came in, and he seemed to be cooperating... but things changed fast.

It was a cute program of songs that the teachers led the kids in singing. Jeff however, decided he was NOT going to do anything but stand there for most of the songs, even though his mom pulled out her cell phone and told him she was calling Santa right NOW!! *lol*

Were the other kids trying not to watch Jeff's bad behavior here? *L* Nope, just some actions to the song that Jeff decided NOT to participate in, no matter what the teacher, his mom, or we grandmother's said.

His mom, Janel, did get some video footage of him, not singing...*L* We all decided it would be good to show at his high school graduation, or when he had kids of his own and thought they were bad! *L*

But WAIT... just when we had given up on seeing him sing, there came a song about snowballs, and the props each kid had was a piece of paper they were to smash into a "snowball"... Jeff was eager to do it... the reason being, they got to throw them at the end of the song, and YES, he tried to bop his mom with his! *L*

And then Jeff finally did pick up his bells to ring during one song, but rather reluctantly. His Mom did say that he was upset about her taking their dog, Buck, to the vet that morning and having to leave him there for a removal of a growth on his eye, so I guess he was reacting to that.

The next day, when he came for grandson day at gramma's he was out of his "mood" and back to his normal smiling, Jeffro-self! *S* Gotta love him!! And we DO!! xoxoxox

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