Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Sunset & Moon Over Parish ....

Looking out my living room window at dusk tonight, I noticed how big and bright the moon was over the houses, trees and telephone lines down Parish Street. I wish I had a camera like my daughter has, but she was gone, and so I went out to try to capture the image I was seeing, in a photo, with my cheapo digital camera. As I went out the door, I looked in the opposite direction, to the west, and saw an even MORE beautiful sight... the December 1st sunset was awesome!! The colors were so vivid and bright!

After watching the sky for awhile, I went around to the street in front and shot this image, but somehow, the moon seemed to shrink when it got into my camera and came out in the photo..*L* When viewing it with my eyes it sure "seemed" to be larger than what it appears in print.

How interesting too that at the same time, in the same sky, you get two different, in a way, kind of opposing views ... one bright and vivid...the other much more subdued, dim and somber, yet both are views from the same place, it just depends on where you focus as to what you see.

So too in life, whether facing good times or bad times... your focus makes ALL the difference.

For The God On The Mountain Is Still God In The Valley
When Things Go Wrong He'll Make Them Right
And The God Of The Good Times,
Is Still God Of The Bad Times
And The God Of The Day Is Still God Of The Night

(From the song, "God on the Mountain", words and music by Tracy Dart.)

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Kasey K. Photo said...

ooooooh pretty colors! :)