Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ECVA Call for Entries: Word & Example

Calling all artists!! The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts has issued a new call for entries, check it out below, or go to their website for more info and to see the latest exhibit too.


Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?

"Proclaim the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."
(attributed to St. Francis of Assisi).

Authentic living of the Christian life demands that our words match our example. Human reality, on the other hand, demonstrates how much of a challenge this Baptismal invitation is for all of us. No wonder we forever need to respond, “I will with God’s help!”

So the invitation to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ goes out.

Who needs this proclamation? The poor need to hear the good news—"Word" telling them that the reign of God is theirs—that they will be fed, cared for, and loved. What examples/actions show the poor that the reign of God is theirs?

The depressed, the downtrodden, the illegal alien, the oppressed, and the imprisoned need to hear the Word that proclaims that God wants them to be free. They need examples of compassion, forgiveness, aid, visits, and hospitality—examples/actions that show compassion and freedom?

The blind, the hurt, the wounded, the broken, the addicted and the alienated need to know that the year of the Lord’s favor exists for them. They need examples of compassionate presence, encouraging love, and unfailing kindness—examples/actions that lead to hope and new life.

We all need to receive this "Word," this proclamation of Good News, because we are all works of art in progress. These words from our Baptismal Covenant invite us to live, to speak, to dance, to forgive, to laugh, to cry, to heal, to love, to struggle, to share, to have faith, to die, to rise, to proclaim... to live with meaning.

The Baptismal Covenant invites us to be like Jesus—in truth, to live like Jesus—by our Word and Example.

And so we invite you as artists to explore and express the beauty, the challenge, the love, the complexity, the joy, the obstacles, the faith, the hope, and the ongoing call—with God’s help—to proclaim by Word and Example the Good News of God in Christ.

Proclaim these words using whatever is necessary.


Artists who are members of The Artists Registry @ ECVA may submit up to three images to be considered for this exhibition.
Becoming a member of The Artist Registry, which is open to ALL, is FREE, although you could also be a supporting or sponsoring member if you wish to.

Check out more on the latest Call for Entries here

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