Sunday, December 5, 2010

The River (of Life) Art Show

What a great weekend! The River Art Show was well attended even though many probably stayed home after the snow storm earlier that day.. but even so, it was a good turnout for both Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I am very thankful that I was asked to be a part of was a lot of fun, and there were many great artists who showed at it as well. They were all such nice people, (both the other artists, the hosts (The River), and those who came to view the art), I hope to get together with the artists again sometime... some plans sound like they are in the works for a type of Walworth County Art Consortium, or something like that... so it's an exciting time to think of what is to come.

Here are some photos from the Art Show... of my set up and assemblages, and other artist's great work too!

Thanks to my terrific daughter Kasey for helping me set up and take down as well!! xoxox

Kasey and John brought me flowers ... such a nice surprise!!

And Kasey stands next to "The Archangel", who looks surprisingly like her! *L*

Thanks to family and friends who came to the show too... I really appreciated your support!! xoxox

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