Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

Some things I treasure that are just hanging around the house...

I love hands... they are all around the house... this one was on my desk with broken rosary beads ... a possible assemblage in the works?

I have a lot of sewing machine drawers and file drawers, I love the decorative feature on many of them, and the plainness of some as well ... as long as they were just sitting in the basement not yet being used in an art piece, I thought I'd use them on my bookshelf.

I found this old Santa planter, and old golden glitter tree that I stuck into the planter part of the porcelain Santa... had the naughty sign already, and my large pail, a recent Good Will find that I stuck another tree I had into, decorated with lights and voila! No, it's not a coinsidence that this is located just above where my husband sits ... Good thing Santa doesn't take my sign seriously.*L*

A new Nativity Set I found at Good Will this year was this "merry go round" one. Made out of wood, it spins back and forth... I found extra wooden figures, and glued them in place ...palm trees on the side, a donkey, cow, and a shepherd and sheep, 2 more of the wisemen/kings (which can be moved) ... the grandkids love spinning this! Me too!

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