Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday School Stars and Decking the Church Halls

At Sunday School, we are preparing for a special Feast of Lights in January for the Epiphany Party. The kids will be singing and signing 3 songs. Here's a peek at them in their star costumes as we practice during our Sunday School time.
They did a GREAT job for our first run through! *S*

And today, the 4th Sunday of Advent, is the day we traditionally decorate the Church for Christmas Services. The decorations stay up until the Sunday after Advent, this church year being Jan. 9th (2011).

This year is much different since we are still at our downtown storefront, temporary site, while the Church renovations are still progressing.

Love the "sea" of beautiful poinsettias!!

The space is no where near as glamourous or big as our regular worship site, but thanks to the donations of things from many people, we did decorate the temporary church site pretty nicely. Thanks to everyone who donated items, made things, and stayed to help decorate! It's looking GREAT!

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