Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old English Advent Tea Party

Haven't had much time for art things... busy season for bookkeeping, at Church, and with family, getting ready for Christmas and things.

About the most artistic assemblage I can say I've done are some tea sandwiches for the Old English Advent Tea at our Church that was held today. These are salmon on dill spiced cream cheese on cocktail rye bread with a sprig of dill and slice of carrot for garnish. They tasted pretty yummy..good thing, since we happened to have a bit of a snow storm that kept half of the anticipated tea party guests away, so we had a lot of leftovers to take home to eat - I had made over 90 of these!

There wasn't that much snow, but it was icy and blowing alot causing white outs on some highways.

About 10 of us also decorated a table for the Advent Tea ... this was one I did, complete with decorated slipcovers for the chairs.

I used some things that were John's aunts and some things that I had found at where else... Good Will. *L*

And John was even coaxed to help out as one of the gentlemen tea and appetizer servers for the ladies who were in attendance. My Dad was also a server along with Fr. Bill, and church member, Bob too.

Soooo, that's about as artsy as I've been lately.

Can't wait to get past this busy season and get back to some assemblage art!

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