Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Chaos that are My Family's Mass Birthday Celebrations

My side of the family is pretty numerous... with all the sisters and brother and their spouses and kids and their kids spouses or boyfriend/girlfriends, and all the grandkids and my Dad and Mom (Papa and Nana), we number well over 75+ ... (yes, I've lost count..and they are still multiplying too!) *L* So, we celebrate the many birthdays for all a few times a year... usually we've hosted the party for all the August and September birthdays... since all three of our kids and myself have birthdays in those months.

This year too is a special celebration because my Mom turned 80 in August. We provide some liquid libations (others add soda and juice boxes for the younger crowd), and this year we provided bratwurst and sloppy joes for 75+... enough for two or three even! And the other members bring a dish to pass, which makes for a grand feast!

Here are photos from this year's celebration... a fun time, excellent weather and many happy birthday memories! Not everyone could be here who had a birthday in Aug. and Sept...but fear not...we ate their cake and icecream and celebrated for them too! This photo is some of the birthday celebrities!

Come in, celebrate...leave your shoes at the door! *L*

Every person for themselves to find a place to sit and eat! *L*

Evidently it was too warm for some to sit outside on the back deck...plenty of seating there!

Hurry, get your meal before the Nieuwy's get here!! *L* (family joke)

Cupcake lovers ...especially the kids!

The imfamous "ball/fan game" provided entertainment for young and old....

Check out the video of the fan/ball game too...

A fun day ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!! xoxoxox

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