Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's the GREAT pumpkin!!

Our son, John, developed a hobby last year....growing giant pumpkins.

His last year's first attempt produced one that was just under 300 lbs! (298 or so) We thought that one and the other that was close in size were humongous and wonderful!

But this year, John has more than doubled the weight of his pumpkins! He had to pick one earlier than he had hoped since it started developing a split (from growing too fast he said). So, he picked it from the vine, and my husband brought over the skidster/bobcat, and they devised a way to get it onto a flatbed trailer to take down to the local grain mill to weigh.

Here are some photos that Janel took of the guys and grandsons from this afternoon....

The scale reads 728 pounds, but that is with the wood pallet underneath the pumpkin, which weighs about 28-30 pounds, so the pumpkin itself is approx. 698-700 pounds!!

Now that's SOME pumpkin, eh?!!

John still has a couple more on the vine and growing fast! If they don't split or the vine doesn't get damaged, he hopes to have them over 800 pounds! Still a couple more weeks to go and we'll see! Congrats on this one John-John!

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