Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adam's Rib BBQ Cook-Off - WHATTA DAY and NIGHT!

1st batch of ribs done
Roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts ready
to go in the oven.
ALL day today (and last night even!), I was making, baking, preparing and getting food and other things ready for this 2nd Annual Event at Church.  I made chocolate, banana, raisin/craisin, pecan cookies, apple crisp, cold pea/tomato/cheese/black olive salad, 12 racks of ribs (fixed in various ways), roasted potatoes/brussel sprouts/sweet peppers with bacon, and set up tables, signs and more.  Thankfully Chellie and Bill did a WHOLE lot too for this event!  We had about 10 - 11 people who made ribs, and made MORE than usual, since last year we ran out before the end... this year, we had MORE than enough, and left overs even!  But they were DEEEELICIOUS!  Everything was so good!

John and Ron helped serve up
and cut up ribs, while enjoying
liquid libations!

 Here are some photos from the event... it was fun having all three of our kids, daughter in law and the three grandsons here for it too!   Kasey brought her new BF, Kaine brought 5 of his hungry friends too!  Son, John, DIL Janel and grandson Josh even entered some of the competitions!  And ALL three won prizes! YAY!

John-John received 3rd place for his ribs.  Josh placed first in the desserts and Janel 2nd in the desserts!

Unfortunately, after all my smack talk to last year's winner, Ron (who placed 2nd this year for his ribs), I had to eat crow since I didn't get a prize! *L*  But many DID get some pretty good ribs from my slabs, if I do say so myself!

Wait till next year!
Kasey and her BF Loren in line.


I think we served over 125 meals, with lots of carry outs as well.  Not sure what we made for a profit, but it was a fun event, and everyone had a great meal too!

Very thankful to all who helped, brought food, and tickets!

Judge Chip taste testing

Bill and Chellie did a great job!

Special thanks to our expert rib judge Chip and to Bill and Chellie who did so much too!

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