Saturday, September 1, 2012

Junk in the Trunk Sale was GREAT!

What a great day!  We had hundreds of people come thru the parking lot at Christ Church where we held the Junk in Your Trunk Rummage Sale.  About 11 parking spaces were filled with trash and treasures from various sellers. 

It got real busy before I had the chance to snap any photos, I'd already sold more than half the items I brought to sell!!  I should have brought a LOT more!  I ended up helping sell the hotdogs & soda the Church had for sale, near the end, since I had sold almost everything I came with.  A profitable ($$$) day for me!

Great way to do a rummage sale too ... all the sellers said they did well and we plan on doing another one yet this year if the weather cooperates... hope so, because I put just a small dent in my junk (I mean treasures) in the basement that I haven't been using ...time to let go of more of it!

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