Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Bones Factory ... bwha-ha-haaa!

The Bones Factory
I know it's a bit early for this, but I wanted to try out this idea for a Halloween treat I'll be giving away at our Church's "Trunk or Treat" event on Oct. 31st.  So, I gathered the ingredients... small pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate to melt.  After assembling the "bones", I dipped them in the melted chocolate (not too hot or the marshmallows melt and fall off), put them on wax paper to dry... and "tahhh dahhh!"... I have skeleton bones!  I'm going to add 3 - 4 bones to a gift bag with a little crushed oreo "dirt" and a gummy worm or two... Yumm! *lol*

I'll be adding a tag to it as well ... not sure exactly what it will say, but want to incorporate a scripture passage and/or Christian message to it.... probably something about not being "dry bones", but instead be "Living Stones"... or something along that line.

Anyway ... my first try at making these turned out pretty good... I managed to make about 130 of them.... we are figuring on at least 100 costumed creatures to come thru the "Trunk or Treat", so I'll need another 300 or so bones... for now, I've wrapped up the ones I've made so far to be used for the gift bags of goodies.... More to come in later weeks on these gift bags and how we'll decorate my husband's skidloader (with dirt in the bucket and blow up skeletons hanging on it), to be used as one of the "vehicles" in the Trunk or Treat Event.

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