Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wizard of Oz Dinner and Movie Nite for Kids ... more props from Goodwill finds!

On my way back from Madison today, of COURSE I had to stop off at a couple of Goodwill Stores!

I found some more things to make props for the upcoming youth event at Christ Church next Friday night (9/28) ... Kid's Dinner and Movie Nite, featuring the classic "The Wizard of Oz".

I had this chimp already, and decided to try to make it into one of those flying monkeys ... I found some used wings, that were lady bug wings, red with black dots, which I spray painted black.  Found a cheap blue kids t-shirt, cut off the bottom of it and slit it up the front to make a vest jacket, added the leftover fabric to a cut down solo cup to make the hat, and "taaahhh daahhh!", I have a flying monkey!

I had the hourglass already, which makes a good prop with the monkey as well.

For the witches legs, I took a yellow pool noodle and slipped the stripped tights, I found at Goodwill, on it, added the ruby slippers, another find today!  So now I have legs to slip under a bench or chair as a prop too!

It's been fun making all these things lately... check out a previous post where I made other props here.



Later today I stopped in at the local Goodwill and scored big time with this!!  A "dental chest" full of dental sample teeth!  There are HUNDREDS of them!  These look very real, but they are actually a plastic-like material.  They were like FREE to me, since I had a discount coupon and gift cards I had received for my birthday ... but even without that, these were a GREAT deal!  Whooo hooo! 

I've used teeth like this in several other assemblages I've made before, and I'm excited to think up ideas to use these too!

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