Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diocesan Convention / Haiti Project "Got Art?" Reception / More Good Reports on Mom!

Heading out early this A.M. for Madison, to the Diocesan Convention ... had a good call from sister, Susan, updating me on Mom, on the way ... she was going off the ventilator, and blood pressure was higher, so more pain meds could be given.  She didn't have a restful night last night, but should be getting more rest and relief from pain now too! (Thank you Jesus!).

The Convention was pretty uneventful, passed resolutions, budget, with hardly any comments or discussions.  Elections went along speedily as well.  We were scheduled to end around 4 if needed, but it was just before 2 p.m. when we said the closing prayer and headed out.  I missed being part of the Friday workshops, which sounded interesting, with lots of things to bring back home to share with others... and our other deputies had a lot to share on the workshops they attended.

Behaving here... *lol*
Here we posed for a photo for the newsletter... okay, one fun one.... one nice one!  *lol*

The Haiti Project "Got Art?" Show reception was from 2 - 5 p.m. at St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church, just a short distance from the convention site.

I called my sister just before that, and got an update on Mom ... she had been talking up a storm since getting the off the ventilator... they got her up and sitting in a chair for about 45 minutes, she has been happy with all the positive things she's heard so far as to how the surgery went, etc.   The surgeon told us how Mom has passed two MAJOR hurdles in all this, and she is in about 20 percent of people who are able to do so, so it's looking real good for Mom... we are so thankful!

On to the Art Show...where they have a lot of nice art pieces donated by many artists all over the Diocese, and beyond.  Art for a great cause too!  At Convention they indicated that if all art sold at the prices the artist put on them, the Haiti Project would be able to receive over $6,000 in donations, if they went at the minimum bid, however, put on by the artists, it would only generate $2,000.  Hopefully people will be generous in this auction, that continues online until October 30th! 

Check out the link here and register to be able to bid on items.  At Convention we were told the money will be used in Jeanette, Haiti to provide a 10th grade class for youth.  In Haiti, they have a national exam after 9th grade, and then they can go on to other higher education, but many places do not have money to fund additional education like that.  In Jeanette, the youth would have to travel to Port au Prince, and because families can not afford to pay for their children to travel back and forth each day, they would have to live in the slums, where often times, they fall prey to all sorts of bad things.

  Your donations will offer a chance for the youth there to learn more, and stay home with their families as well.   Please prayerfully consider bidding on some art, or if you'd just like to donate, there is a place to do so at the link provided too!  Or check out the Haiti Project website as well.

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