Friday, October 19, 2012

Street Construction Continues..... and Continues...

Even the pretty red leaves couldn't
hide the ugly pipe things that have
been in our front yard for 2 months!
The last two months or so, the City has been totally redoing the street in front of our house and down the block too.  Putting in new sewer pipes, a draining pond (in the property behind our house), and running the pipes also down our driveway to the new underground draining pond.

View from upstairs of backyard.
There used to be a line of trees in the
back there between our properties...
Now it looks like...well.. pretty bad!

View from upstairs of front part of
the driveway.

Front of driveway after being filled in.

A big mess! 

Here are some photos of some of the latest work in the past few days.... 

Street looks like it's on fire!
They are connecting the underground
sewer pipes to the existing ones.
Hopefully they'll be finishing up in the next few weeks??

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