Saturday, October 6, 2012

Super Bowl Saturday for the Cougars!

This morning John and I went to grandson, Josh's, football championship playoff..the SUPER BOWL!  This is Josh's first year in football, he's one of the younger kids on the team.   Unfortunately, even though it was a good game, they lost...but they all had a great season... congrats to the Cougars for going as far as they did!

And good job, Joshie!  We're proud of you! xoxox

Janel, Josh and John

Josh with Gramma and Gramps.

It was dang cold for the game too ... 40 - 45 degrees or so, glad I brought a blanket that Josh could use between plays ... and share with a couple of teammates... tough kids out there for sure in that cold!  brrrrrrrrr..still trying to warm up myself after getting home!

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