Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow...

Mom from a picture a couple of
years ago on her birthday.

My Mom was released from the hospital in Milwaukee yesterday, after having major surgery, and is now at a local nursing care/therapy place in our city.  It's great to have her so much closer to home, and doing so well.  Tonite I visited her for a couple of hours ... she is doing pretty good, not eating so well tonite, but up and talking a lot.  We put together some of the Halloween cards she had made for the other residents where she is staying for the next few weeks.   She has always done this thru the Delavan Lioness Club she is a part of, and it's something that is good for her as she does rehabilitation now herself.

I am thanking God for the many major obstacles Mom has gone through so far, and praying for her speedy recovery... the goal now is to get her strong enough and well enough to go home with Dad before Thanksgiving... so far, it's looking good for that!

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