Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beale Street ..... YEAH!!

Here are a few photos from our fun at Beale Street .... There was still a bit of daylight when we arrived, but some bands had already started playing. These guys were good, and this guy had fun dancing to them.

We spent time looking around, and went into Silky O'Sullivan's outdoor pavillion to listen to a guitarist and enjoy the warm evening weather.

We ate at the Rum Boogie Cafe again...we loved the dinner we had there last year!

We ordered the southern platter which started with red beans and rice, gator gumbo, and then bbq ribs, pulled pork, catfish, fries, sweet bread and coleslaw... YUM!!

And enjoyed their band for awhile.

I don't know if the huge police presence made us feel safer, or made us wonder what they were expecting? It wasn't a real huge crowd tonite (not like last year when we came in early Oct.).

The Beale Street acrobats were out doing their thing...

The 152 Club had a band we enjoyed after dinner..... Kasey was asked to dance by a guy who looked to be about 20 years older than she is... she declined. I told her she should have gone for it, but there was also a lone couple on the dance floor who looked like they were auditioning for "Dancing with the Stars", and I wouldn't have wanted to go out and dance along with them either..*L*

As we were passing by the Blues City Cafe, we heard a band that sounded like fun, so we went in. What a GREAT Band! We ended up spending over 4 hours enjoying their music and their jokes.

Kasey took a lot of photos, and exchanged business cards with the Band - she is going to give them the photos for their own use, and will post a few on her blog as well, I'll add a few to this blog post when she's done editing them. The Band was fun as they interacted with the patrons, calling them up on stage and asking many where they were from. Kasey was called up on stage too! (I didn't get my camera out fast enough though to snap a photo - dang!).

A lot of these clearer, better photos, were taken by Kasey with her professional camera..they turned out GREAT!!

It was a really FUN night on Beale Street!! I'm having such fun with Kasey seeing all the sites!! (Very thankful for this time!!)

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