Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday - Back Downtown Then Heading North...

We're headed north toward home today, but first we headed back to downtown Nashville to visit Tootsies, (last night it was too busy).

The views down Broadway Street....

We saw this band last year at Tootsies, and enjoyed them again (with a new singer) this year too!

Tootsies Orchid Lounge is one of the old famous honky tonks that boasts many country singers among it's patrons. Some even got their starts singing at Tootsies!

The Wall of Fame wall has old signed photos of many great singers from the past and the present.

We headed across the street for lunch before leaving town ... Chili and Cornbread.. yum!!

And then we were on the road again....

We were glad we didn't have to deal with any bedbugs along our travels... but we did decide to stop at a FLEA market... FLEA LAND of Kentucky..*L*

It was NOT worth the stop... uggh, nothing of interest, plenty of JUNK.

So off we went... endured a horrific rain storm for about 2 hours after dark (not fun driving in it!), so we decided to stop and call it a night just north of Indianapolis.... our most excellent road trip is almost over... *sigh* ..but what a GREAT time we've had! I'm very thankful.

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