Friday, November 12, 2010

Doing the Friday Night Nashville Scene....

Borrowing some lyrics from a Hank Williams, Jr. song...

"And I'm watching the sun go down this evening
and soon it'll wake this town thats made of dreams,
but before it does a new star will be shining
and lighting up the ole Nashville scene."

We arrived in Nashville in the afternoon, after getting settled into our great hotel (which was FREE because I cashed in my reward's points from my Priority Club card!)

... and after checking emails, we decided to eat downtown and visit the honky tonks.

Our hotel was about a mile and a half from Broadway and the old bars that some of the great country western singers got their start at and still visit from time to time.

Here are some of the sites we saw, places we visited, and great food we ate.

Tootsies was PACKED (no room to stand or sit) ... so we figured we'd come back tomorrow morning, they have great bands starting at 10 a.m. there too.

We had yummy BBQ at Jacks!

A cool piano assemblage!!

Back to the hotel for some sleep, great fun, great nite!!

More Nashville fun tomorrow.....

(Also more photos once Kasey gets hers edited)....

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