Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High Again... up in the Church Rafters, I mean..*G*

I haven't been to the church site for over 12 days now, since before leaving on vacation, so this afternoon I visited to see what has transpired since I last saw the renovations.

Here are photos from today... I was up high again, on the 3 story high scaffolding to see the design painters work ... awesome... hope it's not too much when it's all done, more "fancy schmancy" details than we had before ... but their work is awesome!

Looking forward to seeing the finished product...and really wish it was all done now... too much stress, controversy, extra work, strife and hard feelings amongst many coming out of it, in and through all our major renovations that are happening. And still about 3 more months of it...ughhh!! But then, this too shall pass (please Lord!!)...counting on that big time!

Looking down from the 2nd story of the scaffolding...

They've also added the windows into the new Chapel wall that had previously been in the nave of the Church (where the new side entryway will now be).

I've added these photos and MORE to the Church wide screen TV at our temp site downtown ... check them out there!

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